Tips on How to Wear EGL to Work

Now your mileage may vary on this one but these are ways I have seen that have made it possible for me to wear Lolita to work with little issue

1.) Blouse and Skirt coords are your best friend

People seem to be a lot more accepting of blouse and skirt coords at work! I think it might be because it makes it a bit more casual and approachable

2.) Keep Headpieces small or opt to use hairstyles and small bows

This helps reign in how in your face the style can be while retaining the elegance

3.) Updo’s if you have long hair instantly make your coords look more professional

I find that updos are great and tend to keep better throughout the day anyways

4.) In more conservative office environments Classic Lolita is usually a safe bet

5.) Wear sensible shoes

Know what your job is and be sure to wear appropriate shoes, if you sit at a desk all day tea parties may be just fine, but if you have to get up a lot like I do you may want to stick to flats or well kept sneakers that match your outfit (my american is showing)

6.) Keep accessories minimal

Same idea as your hair in this instance your almost trying to find a cross between casual Lolita and office wear to wear to work, a bit more formal than wearing a cutsew and skirt but not OTT, earrings and a necklace are usually a safe bet

7.) Be grateful our fashion fits most dress codes!

So it depends on the taste in your office but thankfully a fashion that has you cover your shoulders and wear knee length skirts is not going to break any modesty codes it just may offend some sensibilities, obviously your work is more important than having to wear this fashion everyday but these are some tips that I’ve found that help!

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